Independent Learning helps Improve our Leadership Skills

Literacy class in round 5, we have started a new theme. The new theme is making the most of your learning, meaning that all students have to make their most in class. For this theme, we are focusing on doing independent work to make students know how to plan their learning better. Example: We all have a sheet of schedule to plan what they are going to do for the day. Do not think that this theme useless or unknowledgeable. Since the day we start this theme our work gets done faster and better because we have more time to do it. But in my opinion, this theme can only include for 1 round each every year, no more than that. Because students won’t be able to learn new stuff if they only do independent work. I love this method because it not only helps us improve our learning skills or turn in work faster, it’s also helping our students to improve leadership skills like integrity and determination.


Round 5 is the last round for Liger Leadership Academy school year. As you may have guessed, for the last round of the year we will not do or learning anything new because we need to review what we have learned from the year of 2018-2019. Since the first round of this year, I have learned many things in multimedia such as coding, photography, video filming, edit video and using Adobe software. So in this round, our facilitator asked us to choose a project that we have learned like I have mentioned and working on it for the whole round. And it’s better if we choose a project that we are not familiar with because it’s a great chance to improve since it’s our last round of the year. So I chose Adobe Photoshop to work on. I have used and done much work with Photoshop but I’m not that good at it. So, I stopped for a while and start on Adobe Premiere Pro. I can say that I’m good at Premiere Pro now but maybe I will get a little bit worse at Photoshop. And I am thinking of how can I get back to Photoshop if I already get busy with Premiere Pro. Now it’s my only chance to practice my Photoshop skill back. I have done some work but not an actual one yet because I need to do some better edit more. I called this as a year review because it’s like we review what we learned of the year. For this year review, I really enjoy it. It’s getting me to what I love and what I want to practice back.


Here is some of my Photoshop editing work:


Happiness is not what we can expect!

I bet all of the people in this world need happiness but they don’t know how to make their happiness come to them. Happiness is a really important thing to keep them alive and not to get stress or depression.


In literacy, the class has included this topic called happiness to the class too. To get happiness to come to you is hard if not easily will come and also most of the people don’t know exactly what is happiness. In Order to get happiness easily, we need to learn and know what is happiness real clear from our age now to make it all easy in the future when we can find true happiness. Most of the people said that if they have a lot of money that they can spend for their whole life, that is their happiness but hold on, no money doesn’t make any happiness at all and also money can’t buy happiness. To achieve your happiness you need to plan nicely because happiness is in the thing that makes you happy because in the future you would not have that much time to spend on fun time but if you can plan nicely I’m sure you can. Due to that, we are now working on writing an essay about “how to be happy when you …….”. For that is to showcase the idea of how to be happy when you doing something.


How to be happy when you are mad


Do you want to make your daily life happy all the time? Here you come to the right place. In this essay below, I’ll teach and explain to you how to be happy when you are mad because of everyday people always mad all the times. Read the instruction below until the end to understand what’s going on in the essay and to make your life better somehow.


    First of all, if you are mad at somebody please go and do something that you love or you think it’s making you fun and this could decrease the amount of anger in your body because your brain will stop thinking of something that makes mad anymore and your brain should start to thinking of the fun thing. People will say it’s just a simple step to do and all the people know it too even 5 years old kid. But you wouldn’t know how strong is it to decrease anger in your body because when you are being happy your brain starts to think of another fun thing beside it.


Second is take a shower, relax listen to music or reading book “if you like the book”. These steps are not much different from the first one just because this one helps you not to overthink. Overthinking would get you to depression which is the most harmful situation. If you don’t want all of those things to happen to start from the small part of these step first then it’s would not cause you to depress.


The last step is drinking coca or cold drink to make your feeling cooling down. This is very helpful and common because drink cold drink is one of the ways that are easy to do and cool down very fast because it makes your feeling cool and fresh.


Hopefully, all of these steps will help you to achieve your happiness. Even though these step is not a really big step to do but you can try it out first before try the big or more important step because your everyday anger is not such a big problem yet unless you are not even trying all of these small steps.


English Literacy

Now we are learning how to write an essay for Literacy class in round 2. We just start learning how to write Thesis statement. To write essay we have to find a topic that is useful, debatable and informational.

English Literacy

English Literacy

English Literacy is also the main subject I think because we need the knowledge to appear to people around you. In English Literacy this round we have learned about root word Latin and Greek. Now I know that most of the English word comes from the Latin and Greek word. Also, we learned about history or reading article of the people who have the intelligence or something.

I really feel great to know all of that thing like a history of language other country and the intelligence people. Literacy is my power of learning.