Hard work will get paid with good results

Animals are the important topic people need to learn and think about. So, which means Liger Leadership Academy integrates this subject into our curriculum of study. To be really specific about wildlife, at first we concentrate on just invertebrate species. To those that don’t know what an invertebrate animal is, it is essentially the sort of animal that has no backbone, or those animals with bony skeletons. Those animal groups are, Sponges, Cnidarians, Flatworms, Roundworms, Mollusks, Annelids, Insects, Arthropods, Echinoderms and Chordate Invertebrates. Most invertebrate species are some type of Jelly-like and snail. For real, I don’t know that insects have no backbone before learning about this subject, and I can say that this is the knowledge I will never forget about in my life. I don’t really understand much of this concept, to be honest. For me, this is a challenging subject, because I am not really into science. But I’m still trying my best to concentrate on the quiz at the end of the round, and especially get a good score. For the facts, I know only that the Cow is in the Chordate, that Tapeworm is in the Platyhelminthes, that Sea Urchin is in the Echinoderm and that there are more just animals in their families. But hard work will get paid with good results, finally I got 29/30 on the test even though I don’t understand much in class. Lastly I want to say that try to learn things that you aren’t good at or interested in. This way it is better for your future.  I suggest that you do anything to determine your favorite topic or dream work.


This is the comparison between Invertebrate and Vertebrate: 

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