Starting new Journey with Coding!

Round 3 is just like any other round but exploration change. I have started my experience with coding. I don’t like coding that much but I chose to challenge myself. I start my coding experience but it ain’t for the beginner, instead of in my opinion I think my journey starts with advanced coding. 


My project called PechSG which is a saving group for the Liger community. My team and I will need to code an application that is similar to the bank account application but just for the Liger community which leads by Vuthy Vey ( Senior cohort student ). This is not an easy task to do while I am the only one in the class who never experience coding. We have seven weeks to complete the task but my first 2 weeks for used to for my teammate to explain and teach me how coding works. Three weeks had passed, our facilitator wanted us to divide task which has 3 groups. First is the one who designs how the app will look like and code the entire app. Second is coding the database for the admin of the group who uses our application. Last but not least is the Manager. The manager will control and talk to people to get more experience so we would have more ideas about how we will be. I chose to join the coding database with one of my partners. It is so hard at the beginning but once I pass a few tasks, I found out that coding is not that hard as I used to think. One fun fact is that I don’t usually code. I just clone other people’s code and change something but it still hard at first because it is not my own code so I can’t really find code that fits with the page where I want to change anything. 


In conclusion, I believe that challenge yourself into any project that you don’t feel comfortable with is actually will make you feel more comfortable after you challenge yourself for a few weeks. Also after this project is done, I pledge to myself to join more projects that I would never think I will join. 


This is a picture that show what I have done so far in the past few week:


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