How Cambodia can be Change?

                  How I Change Cambodia

    Time is moving, People still thinking. Most of people don’t know what their plan for their future when they graduate from school and some don’t even know how will they help Cambodia due to one of the low economy countries. Technology is the main thing to help the economy grow. Due to that Marine Conservation is also one of the problems that Cambodia facing now.  I’m not so confident in talking about marine but I want to share and show people the problem about marine in Cambodia. In order to change or find a solution to any problem, we should understand the problem clearly first. 



The year of 2019 at Liger Leadership Academy, our students have used more technology on our school studies and we have noticed that since we use more of technology on our school work and homework, we have improved so much better and all of the students turn in their work on time on our study than when we just study using the only book. This means that technology has improved us so much that we can’t expect it to be but I wonder why some of the people still think that using technology destroyed the communication of people and I also respect the idea of why but if we use technology correctly on study work those things won’t happen unless people use it in the wrong way that it has created for us. Also, things on earth are not perfect, human does. Singapore is just a small country but their economy going so well compared to other big countries and a huge amount of population. And in their economy, they use technology to help a lot. Meaning that technology involved so much in the Singapore economy to help their country did well on the Economy. To add on, Technology in Cambodia is very low and not many people know how technology work and how to use it. I suggest to the government to include technology in the government school in the future and it would be better if they start it now. Technology has played a big role in developing but people don’t know about it and complain that it’s destroying people’s mindsets. Because most of the people only know that using technology is just using phone or PC as they did daily. I hope in the future Cambodia will grow as high as other countries in Asia too.


Marine Conservation

Liger Leadership Academy wanted all of their students to make changes for Cambodia. Liger had found many problems that Cambodia is facing now to let the students find a solution to those problems. So, Marine Theater had added as an Exploration. Marine Theatre is an exploration that combines both Marine and Plays together. In the exploration, we learned about Marine and the problem that our Ocean facing now in Cambodia. Then we turned what we had learned about Marine into a play to show people live in a coastal community. I’m glad that I had joined Marine exploration because I want to see all of the beautiful creatures underwater world such as Coral reef, Dolphin, Seahorse and more. But those expectations let me down. There’s not much more colorful coral reef, not much Dolphin still has in Cambodia and we can’t find a lot of Seahorse anymore. Because of Plastic pollution, illegal fishing and more than doing against law. Those things let my expectations down, but I want to change it to let people see it again and me either. Plastic pollution is not only happening in Cambodia but Oceans are connected, what we are doing to the Ocean it’s causing problems to the whole entire world. So, if you throw plastic into the ocean the plastic won’t go anywhere far from other country’s coast or another big issue is Sea Turtle will eat the plastic because they confuse it was jellyfish. After that, the plastic will be stuck in their lungs forever because plastic won’t break down until 1000 years and sea turtle can only live for 15 to 50 years. Illegal fishing is also one part of destroying our ocean. There are many habitats underwater for many different species to live such as seagrass, coral reef and more, also these habitats not only for different species to live but it’s also decorating our ocean to look prettier and colorful. Trawling is one of the illegal fishing types. When they go and trawl, their net not only catches the things that they need like some types of fish but the net catch everything that it touches. Seagrass and coral get destroyed by trawling mostly. Not only those habitats being destroyed by trawling, but also endangered species like dolphins, seahorse and some type of shark. Our ocean is being destroyed is one part of the problem but doing illegal fishing affects the local fisherman. Local fisherman won’t last with their job anymore if illegal fishing still happen. There’s no more fish in the shallow water for local fishermen to fish because people who are doing illegal fishing catch all the fish. By talking about this, I’m not pointing the finger to people who are doing illegal fishing to stop but I recommend them to just doing normal fishing like a local fisherman to make our ocean still alive. These are the problems that lead our Liger team to create plays and show to the people that live in a coastal community and learn how those problems affect our beautiful ocean and change it. 


Finally, it has come to the conclusion of this essay and I hope you like it and know how changing the country works. These two changes are just a small change for my country but if I don’t start it, so who will do it. Also if I make a small change and you participate with me to change to another small part then we can make a big change there. I make a small change, you make a small change and the world make another small change, our world will be better. Be the first change agent to influence the world. Lastly, this essay wants you to understand the problem that happens in common and change it. Thank you.   




Trip to S’ang

On 12th, September 2019 our group went to Saang district to learn and get to know more about chemical fertilizer. Before we arrive there, our goal for visiting there is to learn and compare the difference between chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer also we want to know the thought from the farmer about using chemicals. My expectation for the trip is to see how vegetables grow in a chemical way. 


Trip to Saang is one of the strange trips for us because our project to learn about the household garden which is planting using organic fertilizer, but for this trip, we also want to observe about the chemical. Learning from just a side we can’t make any thought out of it because we do not know from another side perspective. In the trip to Saang, I have learned so many things about the chemical that I could not talk about all of it. One of the things that I learned is that they only eat the vegetables that they grow in front of their house which is called household garden and it is organic, and the garden that they use chemical is a big farm where they grow many different plants and vegetables and they only sell it to the market in Phnom Penh. I can say that they are very smart and at the same time they only think about their own profits. They know that chemical is not good for the health and also they do not eat what they grow. They grow chemical just to sell to the market where all of our people go and buy there. Another piece that I have learned at Saang is that they prepare the land just like organic planting does. They mentioned that chemical fertilizer is just helping the plant to grow faster, bigger and also look fresh and there are many types of chemical fertilizer and I can tell one of them is to make the stem stunt so that there will be more stem grow to the side and not growing taller. After I went to Saang, my mindset has changed. I can not believe how much they get profit for those chemical vegetables per round. They can get double how much they spend per round and even triple if the vegetables per kg go even higher than normal. Also, my mindset changes and do not want to eat vegetables anymore after knowing how many chemicals they use in vegetables.


At the end from just this one trip, I have learned tons of things from chemicals. There are also tons of type of chemical and also of them have a different function to do with plants. Some help to make plants green, some help plants to grow bigger, some make stem stunt and some more help plant to look scorch so that people think it is organic. My prediction in the future, I think that those people won’t stop growing chemically because they want to compete with each other, so if only one people still doing it, everyone in that community will do it too. I think that in the future people will change their mindset to organic by buying all of the vegetables at the supermarket but still, those people won’t stop growing chemical.