Round 5 is the last round for Liger Leadership Academy school year. As you may have guessed, for the last round of the year we will not do or learning anything new because we need to review what we have learned from the year of 2018-2019. Since the first round of this year, I have learned many things in multimedia such as coding, photography, video filming, edit video and using Adobe software. So in this round, our facilitator asked us to choose a project that we have learned like I have mentioned and working on it for the whole round. And it’s better if we choose a project that we are not familiar with because it’s a great chance to improve since it’s our last round of the year. So I chose Adobe Photoshop to work on. I have used and done much work with Photoshop but I’m not that good at it. So, I stopped for a while and start on Adobe Premiere Pro. I can say that I’m good at Premiere Pro now but maybe I will get a little bit worse at Photoshop. And I am thinking of how can I get back to Photoshop if I already get busy with Premiere Pro. Now it’s my only chance to practice my Photoshop skill back. I have done some work but not an actual one yet because I need to do some better edit more. I called this as a year review because it’s like we review what we learned of the year. For this year review, I really enjoy it. It’s getting me to what I love and what I want to practice back.


Here is some of my Photoshop editing work: