Every round in Liger we all the project called exploration which is used 7 weeks to finish one of the explorations. Exploration is meaning to learn by exploring so, when we learn we don’t just sit and learn, we go outside and explore the world.

On my first round this year I have an exploration called set design which we are going to create a movable theatre that can move to anywhere and show the performance, especially rural area. We are going to make this theatre in a van and now we have a plan to buy a track and design our theatre on it. But we still have some problem with money.

I really feel happy to be in this exploration because I’m the one who loves to see the performance and if we have this theatre it would be great for me.



Start on this year, Liger had at one more subject to junior which is Multimedia which we learn how to get more easier of research and now we are on an intro to coding because round 2 we are going to learn to code too. We did many activities in this class to get more idea of how to do something.

I really enjoy learning this way because sometimes when we get stress we can rest by doing this kind of activity and also it’s fun and we learn from it too.



The first round of learning this year, we have a STEM which is the name that represents Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But mostly last year and this year we learn about science. All of the Liger students have learned many things from STEM this year and last year such as Water, Cloud, Rock, Earth, Weather and more ….etc.

I really enjoy learning Weather from last year which is talk about many things like season and other more thing. I feel like the STEM is my favorite subject and the fact of Science is that Science is everything in the world.

English Literacy

English Literacy

English Literacy is also the main subject I think because we need the knowledge to appear to people around you. In English Literacy this round we have learned about root word Latin and Greek. Now I know that most of the English word comes from the Latin and Greek word. Also, we learned about history or reading article of the people who have the intelligence or something.

I really feel great to know all of that thing like a history of language other country and the intelligence people. Literacy is my power of learning.



At Liger Leadership Academy, we also learn about the Khmer language which is our culture language. Liger doesn’t want us to forget Khmer traditional even though we learn more of English.

In Khmer class, we did many things basically on Poem and we have the plan to create Khmer poem book of Junior. Also, we did more thing like creating a story, knowing of our culture or history and more.

I really excited to learn Khmer because it helps us a lot when we find the job and there are many things to know about Khmer if we are Cambodian.

Here is my Khmer Poem:

មហាប្លាស្ទិកលើលោកអើយ  ដោយដេវីត


ចេញមកដំបូងគ្មានអ្វីត្រូវថាឡើយ គិតទៅហើយដល់មកវិញទើបគិតឃើញ

ទើបមើលជុំវិញជាពិសេសភ្នំពេញ គិតឡើងចេញពីព្រោះប្លាស្ទិកច្រើនពេក។


ជារៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃមើលទៅតែលើមេឃ              ដល់ពេលដេកក៏គិតព្រោះចង់បំបាត់

បើបំបាត់ក៏យា៉ប់មានតែទប់ស្កាត់ ហើយកម្ចាត់ក៏មិន​កើតព្រោះច្រើនពេក។


ចង់ទប់ស្កាត់យើងមានតែប្រើវិធី             ពាក្យមួយពីខ្ញុំមានតែជួយទើបកើត

រួបរួមគ្នាឡើងអោយបានមនុស្សច្រើន           ឈប់អោយកើនព្រោះវាគ្មានអ្វីល្អឡើយ។


អីឡូវប្លាស្ទិកបានឡើងមកកម្ទេច       ផែនដីខ្ទេចដូចជាម្រិចគិចមិនផុត

ធ្វើអោយមនុស្សលើផែនដីជូចត់              ហើយនឹងខ្សត់អាចផុតពូជសត្វលើលោក។


សត្វជិតផុតពូជដែលបានអភិរក្ស            អាចនឹងធ្លាក់អាចនឹងខ្សត់មកផុតពូជ

ឯសត្វខ្លះអាចនឹងប្រែរាងកាយតូច ហើយខ្លះខូចព្រោះច្រឡំសុីប្លាស្ទិក។


ឳប្រជាជនខ្មែរគួរតែក្រោកឡើង               កំទេចផើងចំកួតដែលបានផុសឡើង

យើងគួរតែប្រមូលផ្តុំគ្នាអោយច្រើន               ព្រោះរីកចម្រើនដល់ប្រទេសជាតិយើង។


បើប្រជាជន​យើងកម្ចាត់វាបាន               ពិតក្សយ័ប្រាណប្លាស្ទិកពោរពេញផែនដី

បើកម្ចាត់បានមែនខ្មែរនឹងជោកជ័យ               ឳ្យវាភ័យហើយក្ស័យបាត់ពីលោកកា។


អូរអាប្លាស្ទិកចង្រៃយកវាអើយ                  ចូលមកហើយក៏ជិតទៅវិញដែរហើយ

មុននឹងទៅវិញសូមវាចារឬឆ្លើយ                 កុំកន្តើយឆ្លើយហេតុអ្វីមកបំផ្លាញ។


សូមអោយរាងកាយប្លាស្ទិកដែលកម្ចេច                   ខ្ញុំមិនភ្លេចរូបរាងរបស់អ្នកឡើយ

អោយវិញ្ញាខណ្ឌរបស់អ្នកទៅហើយ                   ឡើងលើវើយហើយឈប់មកបំផ្លាញទៀត៕







Math is the main project of all the project I have learned, So Liger can’t miss it. In the class, we always change seat every Monday to make sure everyone is mixed up if not the boy will sit with boy and girl will sit with the girl. And also we are making a poster which is “Make the most of your learning” to make us feel strong when we come to class and have the energy of learning.

This year in math class we are starting to learn about algebra which is so a headache for me. Besides that, we also have many more things such as fraction, …….. Etc ( I can’t describe).

I feel math is the best subject of my life and I really love math so much because math makes me can solve everything I need.

Sharing People Story

                                                         Sharing People Story

This year 2018, at Liger Leadership Academy in the round 4 of the exploration ( before compost ) I have joined an exploration called Human of Cambodia. This exploration taught us about how to be comfortable with interview people or more comfortable to talk to the stranger about their life story. To ask about people life is not easy but we have to do it to change Cambodia.

In the exploration, we were doing/ so many things such as photography, complex and be more positive with the stranger. We have gone through any place (Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Takeo) and also we interview many people too (can’t count). Also of us doing great in taking photo and interview in the 7 weeks.

Human of Cambodia has made our student more comfortable to talk to a stranger. Our goal is to know people life story and share it with all Cambodian. How do we share to all Cambodian? We have made a blog of people life story that we have an interview and lets all Cambodian view it. Students share life story to the new generation of Cambodian because we all need them to know how hard of the old generation of Cambodia and we want them to explore all these things and think of their story or compare their life with the new generation, how different is it?. All the new generation should think if all of you were born on the time the old people born, can we stay in that situation and still alive nowadays?. We are all now are easy so we should try hard to study and change Cambodia.

This is what our goal was. In the future I want all the Cambodian to try hard on something and never give up on the thing you want. Human of Cambodia (HOC) want all Cambodian Children to be strong and study hard.



                                                      How I change Cambodia

“Time is moving very fast, from a day to another day and time to time. There are some people who still don’t know well how to change their countries. But, there are also people who know well how to change and some are already changed their country. Anyways, how they changed their country?”

This year 2018, at Liger Leadership Academy we have many explorations and all of those are mostly about Changing Cambodia. On the last exploration nearby the end of the year, I have joined an exploration called Compost. If you heard the name of this exploration then you will think that this exploration is mostly about composting. But in this exploration, I am not just learned one thing but compost teaches me anything like plastic in the world, reduce waste from the kitchen and many other things.

Nowadays, plastic is using a lot in the whole entire world. But to change we need to change Cambodia first. Plastic is a thing that is helpful and also harmful too. So, here is a trouble. One thing that people believe to change is to abolish using plastic or plastic free but it is not a great way to change because plastic is also helpful for us. The thing that pops into my mind to change is to reduce it. How can we reduce it?

We can just replace plastic with the thing that is the same of the kind plastic you need and replace it with paper or fabrics. But better not to use paper because the paper made of tree and also if we cut tree the weather will be Change. It is not easy not using plastic. Also, all of this thing I have presented and told my community and I think that they will understand and now when I am going home I want a lot of more plastic in my community. I am happy to see my community have no much more plastic. In the future, I hope Cambodia will be not much more plastic and I’ll be the one who will make it better. Also if you want it to be better it will become from you. To change a thing you need to change yourself first.